About me


Hi I'm Lisa,

Not long ago I found myself being promoted from employee to customer. And for the first time in my life, in a position to do the things I enjoy. The things I enjoy ended up turning into Cognitively Dissonant which is a mix of humour and art in fashion and home decor.

So what does it mean to be cognitively dissonant? Cognitive dissonance refers to our brain trying to rationalize and reconcile different realities and points of view. We will often fake ourselves into believing something is not as bad as we know it is, simply because we need to survive.

I spent a lot of time in the web of cognitive dissonance, I think a lot of us have. Now the goal is to achieve the opposite of that. Cognitively Dissonant is my interpretation of being cognitively clear with what's around me and okay with being seen as dissonant for rejecting popular ideals that don't work and are sometimes toxic.

One of a kind handcrafts, elevated and authentically imperfect.

Cognitively Dissonant