Period panties, awww that's cute - 2 min read

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Hello and welcome,

First let me advise you, this blog will be random and all over the place becuase that's life.  And, periods are normal and fucking horrifying.

Yesterday I saw an ad for sexy period panties and I laughed like a bitter old bleeder.  I was like, if I were to try 'period panties' I would literally drown my pussy in a Noah's ark type of flood. 

I feel like Buzzfeed quizes were a big thing back about 3-5 years ago, (yes I know it's a gap, but dank thoughts...hello?!) and at about that time there was a quiz that really caught my eye.  I believe it was called - How Metal is your period - yes as in Death Metal. 

Tbh, I'm not all that for Metal but I felt this was a contest I would really excel at.  Well, after the quiz I was gifted the results and I have never felt so understood.

"If Satan himself sacrificed a thousand demon goats, it wouldn't be half as bloody as what your uterus expels each month. You are the most metal, my friend."  

Mic drop / tampon drop?

Fuck your sexy period panties.  But also, happy for you being able to wear them.

It's complicated.

And in case you have extra time on your hands (hello lockdown) and are interested in knowing just how metal your period is...well I found the the link and here it is below.

The link is so old they no longer have the cover image which had the instruction, but all you gotta do is check all boxes that apply.  When finished you will be gifted with results, share yours below.


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